Developing Your Own Dancing Style

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One of the things that dancers especially beginning ones ask is how they can develop their own style of dancing. Whilst this is a very valid question when beginning to dance it is not the most important to know the answer too.

When dancers really find themselves and their own style it is after exploring other people’ styles and techniques, perhaps drawing from them some new influences and then doing things their own way.

To begin with the most important thing when learning to dance is to try and look exactly like the dance teacher and do things exactly like them. Most likely they’ll be a skilled dancer and you can learn many things from them.

When going to different teacher’s dance classes you want to aim to dance exactly the way they do. Every dancer has their own style and being able to adapt yourself to each style is a huge advantage for a dancer to have.

As important as having your own style is, being able to do their style the way that they are doing it is equally if not more important. Many times a dancer will get the job because they can do a routine the way the choreographer wants it done, not styling it the way they want to.

Once you are able to adapt yourself to different styles then you can start thinking about developing your own style. You’ll probably have more ideas and your mind will have become widened by the different influences.

When you’ve learnt a lot of dance from different people to a high standard, naturally you’ll want to start flavouring things your own way, come up with your own styles and dance choreographies. By this point it will be happening naturally and you won’t have to think about it too much.

Style is expression; it’s not really something you want to think about too much. It’s something which will just come out so you shouldn’t try and force it through.

When practising your dancing it can help just to put on some music you really, really like. You’ll often find many of your best ideas will come about and you’ll be able to see which direction you can go.

Watch different dancers and look to see what makes them different from the others. This is particularly useful when looking at dancers who do similar styles of dance or similar choreographies. Then you can really get a good idea of each dancer’s unique different style and an understanding of how they arise.