How to Keep Him Calling and Working For Your Affection! Make Him Work Super Hard For You

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A man who’s in love with a woman will do anything and everything for her. And at the onset of a budding relationship, it is common for men to chase and flirt and flatter their way into a woman’s heart. And just when the woman gets used to all the attention, she is suddenly caught unaware as he makes excuses upon excuses on their subsequent dates.

Be independent of your man.

You are your own person so you must live your own life. If he doesn’t want to call, then don’t spend the day moping about your dilemma. If he feels that you’re still happy despite his absence, he’ll definitely be wondering why and so – yes, he’ll call.

Let him realize that you’re worth more than he initially thought.

Let him see that you’re being surrounded by admirers. And you can only achieve this if you go out and look your best each time. A man is very territorial and if he sees his property being potentially stolen, then he’ll definitely do something in order to keep it.

If he calls, don’t answer…just yet.

Let him drool for your attention. Be scarce. If he observes that you aren’t always available to say yes to his dinner proposals, then he’ll know that your world doesn’t revolve around him after all. Again, he’ll be prompted to chase you and so you’ll get the calls that you’ve always been waiting for.

Control yourself.

Just when your hand is about to reach out to the phone, don’t – make your man feel that he should be the one chasing you, not the other way around.

Be your most attractive self.

Being attractive is all encompassing – you’d have to be physically great looking, confident, and smart in order to keep the attention of any man. If you don’t want him to lose interest in you, then you must learn to balance these aspects of your personality.

Pamper him and great shall be your reward.

If you want him to constantly work for your affection, then you might want to invest on massages, home cooked meals, and naughtiness. Yes, you’d have to be really naughty so that your man will keep coming back for more of you.

Let him enjoy your conversations.

If you are a great conversationalist, then there will be little boredom in any of your relationships. Let him look forward to each moment that he’ll be talking with you. The secret to making him call and constantly strive for your attention is to let him keep coming back for something.